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Being indispensable in the pulses sector since 1993, MASULI Pulses is designed for consumers at home and abroad; Most delicious, top quality and most natural pulses. We use our 100% Turkish seed as a leguminous legume family to grow and present our products to you in our fields. We are proud of producing, selling and selling our products that we export to all over the world. our products; Caliber-bo standard, stone separator, gravity and optical separator processes. As a legitimate pulses, we take the principle of keeping the customer satisfaction to the front and delivering the best quality, the most appropriate price and on time. CNR GLOBAL GROUP brand and safety; It is harvested safely, harvested, packed and washed. We thank you for sharing your clothes and your happiness with us. The taste of Anatolia, the crop of Anatolia

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We offer new opportunities in domestic and foreign trade.
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We offer the freshest and highest quality products to our customers.